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Affordable Managed IT

Finally, an affordable and reliable IT company your business can count on. It's time to stop paying too much for your IT services and call CX Managed Systems.  
CXMS is an managed IT company that specializes in working with small and home base businesses while working either on-site or remotely. CXMS also has on-site support for those who operate home based businesses. If your business operates in PA, DE or MD then CXMS has you covered. The saying "No job is too big or too small" is one we believe in. It doesn't matter if you have just 1 or 200 employees, CXMS will be there when you need us. To see if CXMS can help your business click on Services to see the list of services we provide. Give us a call and see for yourself why CX Managed Systems is the perfect IT partner for your business.


About Us

CX Managed Systems

CX Managed Systems would like for our clients to know that we have been servicing homes and business for more then 18 years. We have worked on projects from simple break fix issues to complex server configurations featuring fail over capabilities. Having serviced more then 24 thousand service calls, we're also a company who understands the importance of  having great customer service and keeping our customers happy. When using CXMS our engineers and technicians have the mindset that they are one of your employees. So, If you're a  business owner with IT needs and have between 1-200 employees and are looking for a company to understand your IT needs, then CXMS is your company.

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Why Your Business Needs Managed Systems

If you are a small to mid-size business that currently have no internal IT support, this might be a good time to contact CXMS. Here are 4 reasons why your business may need a managed systems partner. ​

Stability - According to industry research, 70% of businesses have seen some interruption of their operations because of IT-related issues. Managed IT services consist of teams of IT professionals with various skill sets who constantly monitor your IT systems and can limit problems from happening.​

Productivity - Having a managed IT service allows you the ability to focus on your business without having to worry about any technical-related issues that could arise.

Specialized Skills - Companies that provide managed IT services are of course specialized in the field. Having a general understanding in IT may therefore sometimes not be enough. IT service providers however, have a wealth of knowledge in the field and are well versed in the latest systems, software updates, upgrades and advancements in technology that can help your business.

Security - Managed IT services can ensure that your business is supported with the latest security updates and systems giving you peace of mind to run your business. In today's technological environment, there are also increased threats of malware, hacking and cyber crimes. Businesses are responsible for keeping client information secure. If personal information is stolen, businesses jeopardize their reputation which could result in loss of revenue. 


CXMS Services Provided

CX Managed Systems provides a full range of IT services that can help your business while unlocking your employees full potential. Our services range from basic help desk to full managed IT support for your existing infrastructure.

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Managed IT Support

CX Managed Systems technicians will be devoted to managing your current IT needs. By allowing CXMS to manage your IT systems, our technicians will ensure that your infrastructure is constantly monitored, protected and securely maintained. Our managed IT support team will assist and support all your business technology devices that may be used in your office or at your home. If and when problems do occur you can have comfort in knowing our team will act quickly so that your business receives as little interruption as possible.

Network Security Solutions

The CXMS team will make sure that your business will be protected from online threats. We'll ensure that proper security is in place such as firewalls and endpoint protections and the best suited anti-virus for your business systems. CXMS will focus on trying to limit your business vulnerability to cyber attacks while protecting both your client and employee information from other IT threats that could shut down your business.

Upgrades & Migrations

Software & hardware upgrades come in a variety of forms. CXMS will make sure the process of upgrading your company's hardware or software is thoroughly researched while conducting assessments to understand your current conditions. Therefore, CXMS will ensure that our team will have extensive knowledge of the project and will be able to apply this knowledge so that every upgrade and migration goes smoothly.

Remote Monitoring
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Wireless Solutions

Wireless networking is a very important part of your business success. Whether your business needs a simple wireless connection or a more complex configuration using Access Points, our technicians will be able to advise you on the best wireless solution for your home or office. Give us a call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Remote Support Services

Sometimes the fastest way to fix a problem is to know it beforehand. Our remote software will allow us to create a separate IT command center specifically for monitoring your company's PC health. We'll know in advance if our clients are experiencing system issues such as lagging or slow computers. We'll also be able to monitor for critical errors on your system's CPU, Memory and Hard Drive as well as monitoring alerts for servers that may go down or become unreachable. Give a call today to see how our remote support services can help your business. 

Home Business Residential Services

CX Managed Systems has performed over 24,000 service calls to homes and business over the years. Having been in business for more then 16 years has allowed our company to understand what our clients really want. Our technicians will be able to handle your IT problems with true professionalism. Start now and stop paying too much for your IT services. CXMS also has affordable small business contracts that will keep your business running smoothly.


At CX Managed Systems we know what exceptional customer services means. We have gone the extra mile to make sure our customers computer systems, networks and other devices run smoothly. For many years we have helped businesses ranging from big too small along with many individuals and home based businesses achieve their goals and objectives. See what our satisfied customers are saying and give us a call to see what CX Managed Systems can do for you.


The most impressive factor in working with CXMS is their tireless effort in upholding the highest level of customer service standards and ensuring expedited response times to all support related requests. I consider CXMS an invaluable partner to our organization, who not only supports our daily operations, but genuinely cares about our long term success and plays a much greater role than simply IT support. I have and will continue to refer CXMS to other business associates struggling to understand and implement any IT related functions.

Progress Physical Therapy

Michael O'Donnell

Vice President

Desmond and his crew over at CXMS has been taking care of us for almost 17 years back when they were formerly  Computer Express. I know CXMS will be there for us anytime of the day, night or weekends always providing expert service. We have had numerous problems with our software which is dedicated to the fuel oil industry, CXMS always finds the solution to the problem. If you are not using CXMS now, you should call them today. We're really happy we did!

Ferro Fuel Oil, Inc.

Thomas E Ferro


It's hard to believe that your firm has been servicing our company for over 17 years! I always have said if you can handle an engineering company, you can handle anyone. CXMS has done just that, a fantastic job. I remember your company setting up our first Ethernet connection and debugging our  computers for peak efficiency as speed became critical to our business needs. IT service is important, but timely, quality IT service in a manner that is tailored to our company's needs has always been your trademark, and the reason we have never looked to anyoneother than you.

Cirilli Associates, Inc

Nick Cirilli

President & CEO 

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It doesn't matter if your business has one person or two hundred. It also doesn't matter if you have a home office or an office building. What does matter is that if you decide to make CXMS part of your business solution you can be assured that your business will be receiving top-notch quality service at an affordable rate. Give us a call or contact us by email for your business evaluation. 


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